Advisor Agreement (Registered Student Organizations)

Advisor's Information and Agreement Signature

The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) requires all registered student organizations to secure and maintain an advisor who is a current employee (faculty or administrative staff) at Louisiana State University. ODOS believes that student organization advisors are integral to the success of the organization and the development of its student leaders. In order to serve as an advisor, faculty or administrative staff must submit an online Advisor Agreement via TigerLink, which states the required and suggested roles of an advisor. Advisors should inform their supervisor that they are volunteering as an LSU student organization advisor; the role of an advisor cannot be performed in lieu of the employee’s work hours or work responsibilities (unless already included in written job duties). Note, those employed part-time under an academic program (graduate assistantship) or internship are not eligible to serve in the role of advisor.

Advisor's Responsibilities

As outlined in the application guidelines for registered student organizations at LSU, the following duties are required of student organization advisors:

  • Verify the organization’s founding documents and agree to the terms of the University’s Hazing Policy (PS 108) by signing this Advisor Agreement Form.
  • Verify the organization's officer information online through TigerLink.
  • Sign reservation forms for University space and equipment with the appropriate university department granting the reservation.
  • Review online event registration forms through TigerLink.
  • Verify the organization's information on ORF, PSIF, and Student Senate funding requests.
  • Verify the organization’s president and treasurer information on the organization's checking account.
  • Complete the Advisor Training each academic year through TigerLink. See the Student Organization Handbook for details.

Duties that are negotiable with the student leaders include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Explain university policies when relevant.
  • Meet individually with organization president before each meeting.
  • Attend officer and organization meetings.
  • Take an active role in formulating the organization's goals.
  • Help student leaders prepare an annual budget.
  • Proofread any correspondence before it is sent out.
  • Let the organization thrive or decline on its own merits; do not interfere unless requested to do so.
  • Represent the organization in any conflicts with members of the University staff or faculty.
  • Assist in planning events upon request.
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Advisor's Insurance Protection

Acting as an approved advisor will be considered as conducting University business since the advisor role supports the mission of the University and provides service to LSU students. University employees will therefore be covered under the University’s Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance program when performing the volunteer advisor duties as outlined in this agreement. However, the University does not provide these insurance coverages to an advisor when the advisor is actively participating in a student organization activity.  Active participation in this context means joining in on activities that require physical exertion or stamina; an advisor’s participation in such activities shall be at the employee’s/advisor’s own risk.  Participation does not include attending, observing, advising, assessing, or other non-physical activities while acting as an advisor; the University’s insurance would cover the advisor in those instances.