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Animal Advocates

We advocate for the humane treatment of animals.

Antioch College Ministry

Reaching out to students and creating an atmosphere for them to encounter God in a personal way and walk in community through life-changing small groups.

Arabic Club (The)

The Arabic Club is established to promote cultural diversity and language appreciation. We encourage native Arabic speakers as well as non-native speakers to come together and converse in a relaxed environment.

Archaeology Association

we are club that wants to raise awareness about archaeology and to provide a way for people who are interested in the subject a way to get involved.

Army Scotch Guard at LSU (LSU Army Scotch Guard)

The Army Scotch Guard of LSU is an all-female service organization serving the LSU campus, the Baton Rouge Community, and the LSU Army ROTC Tiger Battalion.

Asian American Ambassadors (AAA)

The Asian American Ambassadors is established for the express purpose of building a community of students who support and have an interest in the cultures, traditions, and histories of Asian and Asian-American culture.

Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL)

The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL) is the premier educators’ organization in Louisiana, advancing A+ teachers as career professionals by focusing on professional development, teacher advocacy and excellence in education.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM@LSU)

We are a local chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) here at Louisiana State University.

Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC)

The Association for the Education of Young Children is established for the expressed purpose of developing leadership skills and encouraging participation and professionalism in the field of education for young children.

Association of Black Communicators (ABC)

Our purpose is to strengthen ties among minority communicators, promote diversity in newsrooms, expand recruiting activities and job opportunities for minority students interested in the mass communication field.