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African Student Organization (ASO)

We seek to provide opportunities for the professional, academic and social development of our members and all those affiliated with her. We are committed to promoting and appreicating the diverse and rich and cultural heritage of Africa.

Allen Project (The) (Creative Writing Club)

A home for creative writers to grow, learn, and exist.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The AIAS is an independent, nonprofit, student-run organization dedicated to providing unmatched programs, information, and resources on issues critical to architectural education. The AIAS also brings architecture students together outside the studio.

Bad Movie Club of LSU (BMC)

A student organization which celebrates the unintentional humor of poorly made films.

Ballroom Dance Club

In the Ballroom Dance Club, we go over the major ballroom dances: rumba, cha-cha, east coast swing, waltz, tango, foxtrot, and west coast swing. We meet once a week on Thursday's at 6pm. NO partner or previous experience required!

Bhakti Yoga Club

The purpose of the organization is to encourage healthy living through a vegetarian diet and provide delicious vegetarian/vegan meals at our meetings or special events, and to engage students in the mindfulness of yoga practice through mantra meditation.

Black Artist Initiative (BAI)

The Black Artist Initiative is an organization dedicated to helping promote cultural artists within the LSU and Baton Rouge area.

Capoeira Baton Rouge - LSU (Capoeira LSU)

Capoeira Baton Rouge - LSU is established for the expressed purpose of developing community togetherness through the practice of capoeira, a Brasilian martial art that fuses together movement, stretching, music and Portuguese language-learning.

Caribbean Students Association (CSA)

The Caribbean Students Association (CSA) at Louisiana State University welcomes students and faculty members from Caribbean countries, with Caribbean descent and all others who wish to learn more about Caribbean culture and traditions.

Ceramic Art Students Association (CASA)

Student run ceramic organization which hosts fall and spring pottery sales and visiting artists.

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