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African American Cultural Center Ambassadors (AACC Ambassadors)

The African American Cultural Center (AACC) Ambassadors are a group of student representatives selected to help spread the word about the educational, cultural, and social services provided by AACC and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

African Student Organization (ASO)

We seek to provide opportunities for the professional, academic and social development of our members and all those affiliated with her. We are committed to promoting and appreicating the diverse and rich and cultural heritage of Africa.

Allen Project (The) (Creative Writing Club)

A home for creative writers to grow, learn, and exist.

Arabic Club (The)

The Arabic Club is established to promote cultural diversity and language appreciation. We encourage native Arabic speakers as well as non-native speakers to come together and converse in a relaxed environment.

Asian American Ambassadors (AAA)

The Asian American Ambassadors is established for the express purpose of building a community of students who support and have an interest in the cultures, traditions, and histories of Asian and Asian-American culture.

Association of Black Communicators (ABC)

Our purpose is to strengthen ties among minority communicators, promote diversity in newsrooms, expand recruiting activities and job opportunities for minority students interested in the mass communication field.

Auto Enthusiast Club At LSU (AEC)

Group that is about the love of all things four wheeled and fast.

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

Bangladeshi Students Association is representing Bangladeshi culture at Louisiana State University.

Bhakti Yoga Club

The purpose of the organization is to encourage healthy living through a vegetarian diet and provide delicious vegetarian/vegan meals at our meetings or special events, and to engage students in the mindfulness of yoga practice through mantra meditation.

Black Artist Initiative (BAI)

The Black Artist Initiative is an organization dedicated to helping promote cultural artists within the LSU and Baton Rouge area.

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