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Agribusiness Club (Ag Business Club)

The Agribusiness Club is a professional organization devoted to building leaders to help contribute to society. We have a passion for success and strive to prepare members for a successful career in Agribusiness and related fields.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE at LSU)

AIChE at LSU is a professional organization whose goal is to promote scholarship, leadership, service, professionalism, and to aid in the dialog between industry, faculty, and students in chemical engineering.

American Library Association (ALA-SC)

The American Library Association Student Chapter is our campus' chapter of the national organization. Some of our goals are professional development, networking, and service.

American Rock Mechanics Association

This organization involves students from Petroleum, Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Geology Departments. The purpose of this chapter is to generate interest in rock mechanics and geomechanics applications. The faculty advisor is Dr. Arash Dahi.

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

ASSE is established for the purpose of developing analytical skills in project planning and implementation to maintain a safe working environment. We are committed to educating and raising awareness of current safety concerns.

CHANGE Break: Alternative Service Experience (CHANGE Break)

CHANGE Break, an LSU alternative service break organization, allows students to have an experience learning and volunteering outside of Baton Rouge. By volunteering together in teams, we believe students can create relationships across the globe.

Dairy Science Club

The Dairy Science Club provides educational activities for students interested in the dairy industry and agriculture as a whole and promotes scholarship and leadership among club members.

Economics and International Trade and Finance Club of LSU

The ECON ITF Club of LSU is open to all students. The Club holds open discussions on current economic events in the news. We also host professional development activities.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology at LSU (EMBS @ LSU)

Engineering in Medicine and Biology at LSU has the purpose to promote the discussion of multi-disciplinary biomedical topics through presentations, seminars, meetings, competitions, community outreach, laboratory tours and student involvement.

Geaux Lead Retreat (Geaux Lead)

The Geaux Lead Retreat is an annual in-depth, four-day leadership development experience that occurs at an off-campus retreat center. Students must register in advance for this retreat.

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