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Fashion Association at LSU (Formerly Hemline at LSU)

Fashion Association at LSU (formerly Hemline at LSU) is a student fashion organization dedicated to enhancing its members' resume experience, fashion industry network and professional acumen of apparel design and similar concentrations.

Feminists in Action (FIA)

Promoting feminist awareness and activism on the LSU campus and in the Baton Rouge community.

Film Club

The LSU Film Club is a student organization whose desire is to make videos, to work on campus wide projects involving other student organizations, and to produce films that entertain and engage the student body.

First Year Experience (FYE)

FYE provides resources and support that students need to make their first year at LSU an unforgettable experience.

Food Pantry (LSU Food Pantry)

To meet the needs of students without food or low in food security. Our goal is to serve as the No. 1 resource for current LSU students in need of food assistance.

Food Science Club (FSC)

The LSU Food Science club is a student organization, a student chapter of the national organization of the Institute of Food Technologists and consists of both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Louisiana State University.

Free Verse

Free Verse is an organization that fosters a space to create cultural awareness, poetic literacy, and creative public speaking skills. It is established for the overall design of competing in poetry slams at a collegiate and national level.

French Club LSU

The purpose of the French Club is to promote the recognition and appreciation of French and Francophone culture within the LSU community.

Fresh Campus/Smoking Words (SmokingWords)

We are an on campus organization that empowers students to make decisions and make changes that will improve the environment for all members of the LSU community.

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