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Gamma Beta Phi (GBP)

Gamma Beta Phi is an honor society dedicated to service, honor, and learning. We celebrate excellence and strive to be a catalyst for change at our university and in our community.

Gamma Theta Upsilon, Eta Psi Chapter (GTU)

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) is an international honor society in geography.

Gates Millennium Scholars at Louisiana State University (GMSLSU)

To promote leadership and service throughout the community to high school students. Also to facilitate outreach to prospective minority students.

Geaux BIG Baton Rouge (GBBR)

Geaux BIG Baton Rouge is a one-day event that unites LSU students and Baton Rouge residents through service to strengthen the university’s relationship with the community.

Geaux Krewe Consultants (Geaux Krewe)

Geaux Krewe Consultants will serve as a resource for LSU students to find and create their path to involvement.

Geaux Lead Retreat (Geaux Lead)

The Geaux Lead Retreat is an annual in-depth, four-day leadership development experience that occurs at an off-campus retreat center. Students must register in advance for this retreat.

Geaux Shotgun- Louisiana State University Club (Geaux Shotgun)

This club is a student organization designed to provide an opportunity for students to improve their shotgun shooting skills and gun safety skills.

Geaux Teach Student Organization/Council of Preservice Teachers of Mathematics and Science (GTSO/CPTMS)

Our organization is dedicated to students interested in a career in teaching, especially in math and science. Our goal is to give these students a greater sense of community through social events as well as professional guidance for their future careers.

Geaux Vote LSU

This organization seeks to politically engage students while promoting voting rights. We do this by organizing registration drives, speaking to classes and putting together events that serve as an educational resource on voting for students.

Geology Club at LSU

A club for Geology majors and non-majors alike to appreciate Geology and socialize with fellow rock-lovers!

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