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College Democrats (CDLSU)

Supports Democratic candidates and encourages students to become politically involved. Offers students meaningful political experience.

College Republicans (CRatLSU)

To aid students in the development of political and leadership skills, increase civic participation among students, support Republican candidates at all levels of government, and to uphold the ideals of the Republican Party.

International Student Association at LSU (ISA)

The ISA is both a gathering place for internationals among the LSU community and the group which represents their needs in University government decisions. The ISA focuses on promoting a positive experience and well-being of international students at LSU

LSU Staff Senate (Staff Senate)

LSU Staff Senate promotes and protects the welfare of the LSU staff by representing the interests of and the issues impacting all staff members.

Meritocratic Community of LSU (The)

We are a political community that seeks to change society. We want to end today's so called "politics", and replace it with Meritocratic Principals. Such as equal opportunity, unequal outcome (competition). To ensure this we propose a Death Tax.

Pre-Law Chapter of the National Black Law Students Association (Pre-Law NBLSA)

The pre-law chapter of the National Black Law Students Association

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association strives to involve, connect and develop all on campus residents of the LSU community. RHA facilitates residents as they build community and make their time under the stately oaks and broad magnolias all that it can be.

Student Government (LSU SG)

The LSU Student Government's sole purpose is to serve the students at Louisiana State University. We are the voice of the Student Body on many important matters, including university administration, parking and transportation, and academic affairs.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

SSDP-LSU is out for action. We are an activist group on LSU's campus community who are concerned for drug policies and their effects on society. We coordinate events revolved around education on rights, drug laws, and upcoming and past legislation.