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An organization that gathers the magicians on campus to improve their skills, in addition to entertain LSU students by magic shows.

Manship School of Mass Communication

The Manship School is in "the ranks of the country's strongest programs," according to a team of outside experts.

Masters in Business Administration Association (MBAA)

The professional organization for students in the Flores MBA program.

Masters Student Finance Association (MSFA)

The Masters Student Finance Association (MSFA) is an organization designed to provide a network of communication and information for current and future graduate students, as well as graduate faculty.

Math Club at Louisiana State University and A & M College at Baton Rouge (Math Club)

The Math Club is an officially recognized organization of undergraduate students who promote and engage in activities of mathematical interest.

Mathematics Student Colloquium Committee

The Mathematics Student Colloquium Committee provides the opportunity for LSU students to interact with professional mathematicians that are highly regarded for their research and speaking ability.

Men's Club Basketball

The Men’s Club Basketball Team is created to provide a more structured outlet for basketball athletes to compete. We founded this organization to provide a chance for players to represent LSU at friendly competitions with other universities.

Men's Club Volleyball

LSU Men’s Club Volleyball is established for the expressed purpose of participating in friendly competition against various universities around the country.

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