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Australian Rules Football team (Footy)

Australian Rules Football is a competitive 18 vs 18 competition that is played by kicking the ball (footy) through the opponents' goal.

Auto Enthusiast Club At LSU (AEC)

Group that is about the love of all things four wheeled and fast.

Barristers' Bowl Committee

The Barristers' Bowl Committee is a philanthropic student organization, which raises money through an annual full-tackle football game played by Law Center students.

Capoeira Baton Rouge - LSU (Capoeira LSU)

Capoeira Baton Rouge - LSU is established for the expressed purpose of developing community togetherness through the practice of capoeira, a Brasilian martial art that fuses together movement, stretching, music and Portuguese language-learning.

Cricket Club

LSU Cricket Club is a sports club. The game of cricket is played with students at LSU on our campus.

Equestrian Team

The Equestrian Team is a club sports team that competes within the IHSA. We accept riders of all skill level.

Ice Hockey Club

We are LSU's ice hockey team that plays in the SECHC, a conference of the ACHA.

LSU Club Baseball

LSU Club Baseball is a collegiate-based baseball team consisting of LSU students. We compete within the Nation Club Baseball Association, and our season is year-round but primarily in the spring.

LSU Quidditch Club (Quidditch)

LSU's newest club sport program, Quidditch is a fast-paced, physical game that draws elements from rugby, basketball, dodgeball, and wrestling. All LSU students are welcome!

LSU Swimming Club

LSU's new club sport and organization that allows anyone with swimming experience to come and participate as a whole. This will allow students to come and meet new people that enjoy swimming, either for fun or competitively.

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