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Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club (Ping Pong) is to create a different atmosphere for students that are willing to learn, enjoy, and have fun playing Table Tennis.

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)

Tau Beta Pi is an engineering honor society comprising of members from every discipline. We partake in sporting events, intramural sports, and community service.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

Since its founding in 1899 TKE has been striving to make better men for a better world.

Tau Sigma


Tennis Club

An organization aimed to unite people who all have a passion for the sport of tennis and to compete on the collegiate level.

The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at LSU (ASBMB)

At LSU, ASBMB's goals are connecting students to research opportunities that are conducted on campus and preparing students for conferences. We focus on pre-professional students as well. ASBMB wants to encourage growth and comprehension of biology.

The Collective

The Collective is the college and young adults community at Bethany encompassing the ages of 18-30.

The Corps of Cadets at LSU

The Corps of Cadets develops educated leaders of character who embody the values of Honor, Courage, Integrity, Discipline and Service Before Self. The Corps is primarily comprised of the LSU Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC programs.

The Makeup Club at Louisiana State University (Makeup Club)

The Makeup Club is for LSU students that love makeup! While we aim to improve makeup skills, our focus is also on creating lasting friendships and serving the community. Come paint your face with us!

Theta Chi Fraternity

Theta Chi Fraternity became an official chapter on LSU's campus back in 2012. Driven by our motto of " An Assisting Hand" the gentlemen of Theta Chi strives to actively serve our community as well as our fellow brothers.

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